Reiki Services

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing treatment that was discovered by Mikao Usui. It is used to complement other holistic, alternative, and medical treatments when individuals are seeking relief from various physical and mental stressors. The source of the healing power is the Ki or life force that is directed into the recipient via the hands of the certified Reiki practitioner. These treatments can be delivered with the practitioner's hands touching the body with standard hand placements or with the practitioner holding their hands above the body. For more detailed information about Reiki visit The International Center Reiki Training (ICRT) founded by William Lee Rand

At Creative Psychotherapy, PC, I provide Reiki Master level treatment sessions. I was trained at the Sagewood Center here in Raleigh in Usui Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho which is a very powerful form of Reiki developed by William Lee Rand at The ICRT. Clients receive Reiki in a relaxed, professional environment for 1 hr. sessions. A brief counseling conversation occurs before each session and a debriefing occurs afterwards. This allows clients to bring their issues to the forefront and then to discuss their Reiki experience after the treatment occurs. If you're interested in learning more about Reiki training classes and other metaphysical adventures, check out the Sagewood Center

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